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收藏 | 外贸事情中常用的460个英文词组

本文摘要:◆执行条约 execute/carry out/fulfill a contract ◆使条约生效 bring a contract into effect ◆违背/打消和约 break/cancel a contract ◆重条约守信誉 honor the contract and keep one’s words◆再订一个条约 repeat the contract ◆顺利执行条约 to carry out the contract smoothly ◆传真所盘 fax


◆执行条约 execute/carry out/fulfill a contract ◆使条约生效 bring a contract into effect ◆违背/打消和约 break/cancel a contract ◆重条约守信誉 honor the contract and keep one’s words◆再订一个条约 repeat the contract ◆顺利执行条约 to carry out the contract smoothly ◆传真所盘 fax somebody for offers◆名目 design ◆广交会 Guangzhou Fair ◆展览品 exhibit◆展出种种商品 a great variety of goods on display ◆丝绸服装 silk garments ◆展出的摊位 exhibits stand ◆脱销 sell fast ◆享有很高声誉 enjoy a high reputation ◆拥有良好销路 command a good market/ find a ready market/enjoy fast sales ◆报拉格斯最低到岸价 quote the lowest price CIF Lagos◆谋划纺织品多年 be in the line of textiles for many years ◆货物受接待 the goods are very popular with customers / have met with a warm reception /be well received/accepted/ enjoy a wide popularity among the buyers ◆市场情况恶化 the market take a change for the worse ◆皮革服装 leather garments ◆玻璃制品 glassware 凭据平等互利 的原则 on the basis of equality and mutual benefits◆重条约守信用 honor/observe/respect/abide by/keep to/stick to the contract and keep/fulfill/ carry out one’s promise; stand by what one says ◆公正竞争fair play◆商业信誉 commercial integrity◆高度评价 speak highly of◆与……熟悉 make one’s acquaintance ◆谋划某商品be in the line of … product ◆必须品 essential articles ◆税收 duty ◆接纳新的外贸政策 take up/adopt new foreign trade policy◆遵守通行的国际老例 follow/observe the general international practices◆分期付款 payment by installments ◆外商独资企业 an enterprise exclusively with foreign capital ◆赔偿商业 compensation trade ◆外贷 foreign loans ◆希望迅速 progress rapidly◆保持稳定 remain unchanged◆营销 market ◆完全有理由相信 have every reason to believe in …◆先进技术与设备 advanced technology and equipment ◆灵活的政策 flexible policy◆有心事have something on one’s mind◆经济萧条 economic slackness ◆装船延误 delay in shipment ◆通情达理 listen to reason◆野蛮装卸 rough handling ◆天经地义 stand to reason◆不合情理 be contrary/against to reason◆属于你们的业务规模 fall within the scope of your business ◆包装纸 packing paper ◆塑料袋 polybag /polythene bag ◆来料加工processing with supplied materials ◆进料加工 processing with imported materials ◆来样加工 processing with supplied sample◆来件装配 assembling with supplied parts◆租赁商业 leasing trade◆合资谋划 joint venture◆开信用证 open an L/C◆和某人告竣协议 come to terms with somebody ◆询问有关条款 inquire about terms◆使某人接受条款 bring somebody to terms ◆执行开放政策 pursue an open-door policy◆一贯坚持平等互利的原则 always adhere to the principle of equality and mutual benefits◆余额以优惠付款的方式在…年内付清 to have the rest in easy payments spread out in …years ◆机床 machine tools ◆专营 specialize in◆求过于供 demand exceeds supply◆供过于求 supply exceeds demand◆服务第一 service is the first motto ◆样品和规格 sample and specification ◆满足你方需求 to meet your requirements ◆还盘 to make an counteroffer./counter bid◆工艺美术品 arts and crafts◆猛烈竞争 sharp/fierce competition ◆质量和最后一道工序 the quality and finish◆发货 make the delivery ◆站稳脚跟 set a firm footing in…◆颜色过于夸张 the color is too high-sounding ◆订购一空 be booked out ◆定时装船 punctual shipment ◆脱销 be out of stock◆蝴蝶牌缝纫机 Butterfly sewing machine ◆苛刻的付款条件 harsh payment terms ◆无货可供 no goods available ◆脱销品 best selling articles ◆旧金山最低到岸价含佣金2% lowest quotation CIFC2%,San Francisco ◆装船票据 shipping documents ◆实盘 firm offer ◆一旦供应短缺 in case of short supply ◆报盘有效期为15天 the offer will remain firm/valid/good/ for 15 days ◆保险费 insurance premium ◆运费 freight charge ◆红茶 black tea◆售完 be sold out◆茶叶产量急剧下降 the tea crop has sharply decreased◆报盘两天内有效 the offer holds/remains good/firm/effective/valid for two days ◆接纳一切方式 employ all possible means◆虎头牌扑克 Tiger Head Brand playing cards◆玻璃器皿销路很畅/销路不大/经常有销路 Glass wares are in great/small/regular demand.◆增加供货300箱茶叶 increase the tea supply by 300 cases◆亏不起 can not afford to ◆我们的报价大致如下:核桃50 公吨,每公吨欧洲主要口岸到岸价人民币 2500 元,包罗你方佣金2%,十月份装运。Our quotation is roughly as follows: Fifty metric tons of walnutmeat at RMB ¥ 2,500 per metric ton CIF European Main Port including your commission of 2% for shipment in October.◆永久牌训练用自行车 Forever Brand Exercise Bicycle◆以我方最后确认为准 be subject to one’s final confirmation◆有竞争余地 has edge on competition ◆金狮牌折椅 Golden Lion folded chairs◆地中海市场 the Mediterranean market◆试订 to place a trial order ◆听起来催人的 sound pushy◆加紧,赶忙 make haste◆我们的记载讲明 Our record has it that…◆热那亚 Genoa◆马赛 Marseilles◆安特卫普 Antwerp◆汉堡 Hamburg◆哥本哈根 Copenhagen◆以你方立刻接受为准 be subject to your immediate acceptance◆失效期 expiry date◆印花棉布 printed cotton pieces ◆同类产物 products of the same range◆供现货 supply from stock◆即期装运 prompt shipment◆利便使用者user friendly◆提高性能和可靠度 to improve efficiency and reliability ◆高质量理应有高价 Better quality deserves higher price.◆实际处境 actual position◆不能与……匹敌 can not be comparable with/cannot compete with◆高科技 high-tech◆最后出价 final bid◆这笔买卖真是赚了/赔了 It’s quite a bargain. ◆加速装运 to expedite shipment◆值得推销 be worth promoting ◆报价比你方低 under-quote you◆接受定货 accept/book/enter an order◆订货 place an order◆续订 repeat an order ◆打消订单 cancel the order◆拒绝接受订单 refuse/decline/turn down an order◆羊毛 wool◆不能接受你方报价 cannot entertain your offer ◆从其它处获得的报价 to obtain quotation from other sources ◆日本名目的货 goods of Japanese make ◆物超所值 give much value of the money◆投放市场 put onto the market◆减价6% cut down/shade the price by 6%◆配合/顺从某人 to comply with sb. ◆最低价 bottom price/rock bottom price◆成本价 cost price◆市价 market price ◆与市价不符 be out of line with the market level◆价钱上升 (the price) go up/increase/rise/advance◆价钱下降 (the price) come down/drop/fall/decline◆价钱偏高 be on the high side◆提高 raise/improve/lift◆淘汰 cut down/reduce/bring down◆不能再往下去了 cannot go any further ◆告竣生意业务 to come to terms with you/to come to business/transaction with you on the following terms/ to close business at the price of/to close a deal with your offer/to conclude business/ to enter into business with you/to see/pull the business through◆价钱偏高 the price is on the high side◆价钱脱离我处的市场行情 the price is out of line with the ruling market ◆价钱比日本货横跨30% the price is 30% higher than that of Japanese goods◆你一定知道 You must be aware of the fact that…◆你不会不知道 You cannot be ignorant of the fact that…◆(亏大了)更不用谈什么利润了 (We lose by…) not to speak of profit◆价钱飞涨 soar up◆开门见山 come straight to the point◆没有时机 stand no chance◆做成这笔生意业务 to pull the transaction through◆折中 to meet each other half way◆配合的努力 joint effort◆把心里话说出来 to speak out one’s mind◆固然啰 by all means◆没问题 be out of question◆没门 be out of the question/by no means◆价钱意向 indication of price◆分歧/差距太大 the gap is too wide◆离题 get away from the point ◆直达轮 direct steamer ◆转运 transshipment ◆赔偿商业 compensation trade◆佣金 commission ◆违背常见商务老例go against the usual commercial practice◆佣金署理商 commission agent ◆劲头十足 strenuous efforts ◆给予照顾 to extend one’s accommodation ◆从总货金中提取佣金 deduce from the value of the consignment◆汇佣金 to remit commission ◆价钱低廉 keen price◆利润余地 profit margin ◆已向外报价 be under offer ◆脱销货 best sellers ◆让步 make concession ◆推销 to push the sale of ◆专营这项产物 specialize in this line ◆市场坚挺且有上升趋势 firm market with an upward tendency ◆不经由中间商直接买卖 to deal with on principal-to-principal basis ◆署理的商号 agent house ◆薄利多销 small profits make quick sales ◆得寸进尺 be never satisfied/ be so insatiable ◆太离题 go too far off the point◆佣金率 commission rate ◆谋划成本 operating cost◆妥协 make a compromise ◆给佣金 grant commission◆促销 promote the sales◆总而言之 in a nutshell ◆大量询价 a crowd of inquiries ◆与厂商联系要求追加订货 approach the manufacturers for an additional order ◆净价 net price◆成交额 turnover ◆对……无约束力 be without engagement ◆支付方式 mode of payment◆付款交单D/P (Document against Payment) ◆承兑交单D/A (Document against Acceptance)◆信用证L/C (Letter of Credit)◆信誉职位 credit standing◆保兑的不行打消的信用证 confirmed irrevocable L/C◆逾越我们能力 beyond our power◆反之亦然 the other way round ◆别无选择只能 have no alternative other than/but◆包装不妥 improper packing◆备件 spare parts◆使某人处于无休止的花费 be put to no end of expense◆用即期信用证付款payment by L/C available against draft at sight◆厂商订单许多 the manufacturers are heavily committed◆完全告竣一致 arrive at a complete agreement/come to an agreement/conclude an agreement/ enter into an agreement/ reach an agreement/ make an agreement◆效果令人满足 turn out satisfactory◆对……很是熟悉 be well acquainted with ◆在这方面 in this respect ◆迁就、照顾 accommodate ◆在很少的情况下 under rare circumstances ◆……不值得 it doesn’t pay for ◆破例 make an exception ◆一件一件来 one thing at a time ◆远期信用证 time L/C◆牵涉到许多花费 involve great expenses ◆帮特此外忙 do a special favor ◆推行义务 to fulfill one’s obligation◆取消条约 to cancel the contract◆不受主顾接待 be out of favor with the customers ◆(订单)任务繁重 heavy commitments ◆外汇汇率 rate of foreign exchange ◆无与伦比 be superior beyond comparison ◆办个工厂 to run a factory ◆有关的 covering◆银行手续费和保证金 bank charges as well as deposit ◆备货 to get the goods ready◆订舱 book the shipping space ◆装运 to effect shipment ◆放心 rest assured ◆诸如此类 and what not ◆质押资金 tie up one’s capital ◆签发信用证 to issue an L/C◆开信用证 to open an L/C◆出示票据议付 presentation of shipping documents and negotiation ◆一定、务必 without fail ◆展期20天 to extend for 20 days◆凭样交货 shipment per sample ◆允许分批装运和转船 partial shipment and transshipment allowed ◆信用证少开了5000美元 the credit is short-established to the amount of $ 5000◆买得起 afford to buy ◆装船延期 to postpone the shipmen t◆努力 to exert oneself ◆实时交货 timely delivery ◆着手发运货物 set about making delivery ◆在有效期内 be within validity ◆撤盘 to withdraw the offer ◆金融状况 financial status ◆装船通知 shipping advice◆装船须知 shipping instruction ◆凌驾船舷 pass over the rail ◆一劳永逸地告诉你 to tell you once and for all ◆活到老学到老 one lives to learn◆租船 to charter a ship ◆负担用度 to bear charges ◆推行责任 to discharge/fulfill responsibilities ◆装运港 loading port ◆关税 custom duty ◆条约号 contract number ◆外行 layman ◆或者说 or rather ◆货物吊上船 the goods on the hook◆拍卖这一库存 to sell off the stock◆海关手续 custom formalities ◆赔本 lose out ◆按严格法式 be in strict rotation ◆提前装运 to advance shipment ◆确保准时装运 to ensure punctual shipment ◆生意业务量 volume of trade ◆(工人)上三班 work three shifts ◆在手的逾期未交货订单 back orders ◆打退堂鼓 to back out ◆忙季 busy season◆旺季 high season ◆萧条季节 slack season ◆销售季节 shopping season ◆上市、旺季 be in season ◆下市、淡季 be out of season ◆木箱 wooden case ◆纸盒 cardboard box ◆关税配额 custom quota ◆海关放行 custom clearance ◆海关官员 custom officer ◆摆设装船 arrange shipment ◆加速装船 expedite shipment ◆延期装船 extend shipment ◆提前装船 advance shipment ◆延迟装船 postpone shipment ◆期货 future ◆舱位订满 the shipping space has been booked up ◆直达轮 direct steamer ◆增加货物被盗或损坏的风险 add to the risks of pilferage and damage ◆修改信用证 to amend L/C◆整批装运 ship the whole lot at one time ◆提出建议 to put forth a proposal ◆急需这批货 be in urgent need of the goods ◆在途中 be in transit ◆信用证条款与条约条款严格一致 the stipulations in the L/C are in strict conformity with that of the contract ◆目的港 port of destination ◆聚乙烯包装物 polythene wrapper ◆橱窗展览 window show ◆驻足市场 find a footing in the market ◆赶时髦 to keep up with fashion ◆式样新奇、时尚 novel and fashionable design ◆颜色鲜亮 bright color ◆迎合主顾口胃 to meet customers’ taste ◆根据 as per ◆携带轻便 light to handle ◆保证宁静 to ensure safety ◆为……而谢谢 be obliged for ◆分公司 branch office ◆小圆桶 keg ◆麻袋 gunny bag ◆袋sack◆听(容器)tin◆铁皮圆桶 drum ◆茶叶箱 chest ◆捆 bundle ◆琵琶桶 barrel ◆包装用度 packing charges ◆装箱单 packing list ◆包装指示 packing instructions ◆出口包装 export packing ◆内包装 inner packing ◆外包装 outer packing ◆中性包装 neutral packing ◆适合海运的包装 seaworthy packing/packing suitable for sea voyage ◆远洋运输 ocean transportation ◆瓦楞硬纸板箱 three-layer cardboard boxes ◆抢眼又抢钱 catch the eyes as well as the purse ◆平安险 From Particular Average ◆水渍险 With Particular Average ◆一切险 All Risks ◆分外保险 extra premium ◆偷窃、提货不着险 risk of Theft, Pilferage and Non-Delivery (TPND)◆破碎险 risk of Breakage◆油渍险 risk of Oil◆渗漏险 risk of Leakage◆玷污险 risk of Contamination ◆歇工暴乱、民变险 risk of Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion◆淡水、雨淋险 risk of Fresh Water Damage◆提出索赔 to lodge a claim◆由某人付款 for one’s account ◆商赞处 Commercial Counselor’s Office ◆按发票金额 at the invoice value ◆磨练陈诉 a survey report ◆独家署理 sole agency◆短交 short delivery ◆猪鬃 bristle ◆有广泛的业务联系 have a wide connection with/be closely connected with/ do considerable business with/ have close contact with/ be in close contact with ◆销售署理人 sales agent/selling agent ◆采购署理人 purchasing agent/buying agent◆独家署理人 exclusive agent/sole agent◆佣金署理人 commission agent◆广告署理人 advertising agent ◆署理协议 agency agreement ◆年成交量 annual turnover ◆尽心尽力 spare no effort ◆生意兴隆 a prosperous business ◆在这一方面 in this connection ◆红豆 Red Bean◆销售条款 sales terms ◆销售条约 sales contract ◆销售额 sales turnover◆销售代表 sales representative ◆市场活跃 market active ◆市场凝滞market dull ◆市价下跌 market declining◆行市坚挺 market firm◆行市疲软 market easy◆市况平稳 market stable◆市况坚挺 market strong◆市况不明 market uncertain ◆市场疲软 market weak◆控制市场 to control the market ◆稳定物价 to stabilize the price ◆加倍努力 double your efforts ◆看透心事read one’s mind ◆海内需求会急剧上涨 the domestic demand will go up sharply ◆定个时间 fix the time ◆纺织品 textile ◆电器产物 electricity products ◆化工产物 chemicals ◆告竣协议 come to terms with◆增添和删除 addition and deletion ◆市场下跌(熊市) with the market being bear◆集会纪要 meeting minutes ◆附件 accessory ◆中国国际商业促进委员会 CCPIT◆仲裁委员会 Arbitration Commission ◆求助于仲裁 resort to arbitration ◆享有很高声誉 enjoy a high prestige◆仲裁裁决 arbitral award ◆完好无损 sound and intact ◆中国商检局 China Commodity of Inspection ◆切合出口尺度 be up to the standard of export◆优质干蘑菇 well-dried mushrooms of fine quality ◆向…...要求赔偿 to approach …. For compensation ◆就地 on the spot ◆证明 certify/verify/testify ◆在途中 during transit/en route/on the way◆提出索赔 to lodge/make/raise/issue/file/register/put in/ bring up a claim◆短重 short weight ◆就货举行索赔 claim on goods ◆就损坏索赔 claim for damage◆就数量索赔 claim for amount ◆向某人索赔 claim with/against somebody ◆接受索赔 to accept a claim◆受理索赔 to entertain a claim◆同意索赔 to admit a claim ◆驳回索赔 to dismiss a claim◆拒绝索赔 to reject/decline/turn down a claim◆解决索赔 to settle a claim ◆放弃索赔 to waive a claim ◆撤回索赔 to withdraw a claim◆提单清洁的 Bill of Lading is clean◆剪样 cutting◆权威部门authorized department ◆条约中写明的 specified in the contract ◆接受索赔 to entertain a claim◆不行挽回的损失 get retrievably lost ◆磨练费 inspection fee◆理赔方面公正合理 be prompt and equitable in settling claims◆澄清问题 get the matter cleared up◆货物发霉不能食用 the contents are moldy and unfit for consumption ◆密封 airtight◆塑料薄膜口袋 plastic bag ◆迅速发货 immediate/rush dispatch of the goods◆董事会 board of directors ◆为……铺平门路 pave the way for ◆友善的洽谈 amiable negotiation ◆留下深刻鲜明的印象 leave a deep and vivid impression on somebody◆主持集会 to preside over a meeting◆扩音器 public address system ◆再见,一路顺风(法)Bon Voyage◆检票 check in ◆与国际接轨 bring in line with the international practice◆登舱 go on board ◆世界商业组织 World Trade Organization (WTO)。





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